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Phototron LED

Our Most Advanced Power Growing Unit!

Bigger Yields, Perfect Light. 30% More Growing Capacity

  • LED lights provide the most important light colors for maximum yield Blue & Red!
  • The vertical LED lighting for maximum production and yield.
  • LED unit has a top fan that crates optimum airflow, drawing out warm air and pulling in cool air for perfect temperature growing.
  • Top fan with carbon filter for perfect temperature and Odor Controlled growing.
  • Convective airflow maximizes CO2 naturally.
  • The “Closed-System” concept maintains perfect nutrient balance.

Perfect for Apartments, Condos, Small Living Spaces.

Every Phototron Includes:

  • Timer Thermometer
  • Reflective Panels (6)
  • 55-watt Fluorescent bulbs producing 26,000 lumens of vertical light to generate excellent plant growth.
  • Detailed easy to follow Step by Step Growing Instructionsfor Maximum Yield.

Size: 51 inches Tall and 21 inches in Diameter 

Each Order Includes FREE STARTER KIT $200 Value!

  • 6 Germination Caps and Starter Pods
  • 1 Large Bag of Sphagnum Moss
  • 1 Bottle of Phototron CIV 75 Base Formula
  • 1 Phototron Nutrient System
  • Phototron Power Growth Nutrient CV65!

Product image text bubbles:

  • Top LED light source ensures perfect growing
  • Vertical LED ensures maximum yield.
  • “Closed System” concept ensures perfect nutrient balance
  • Cool air is drawn in through the bottom vents
  • Top fan with carbon filter for perfect temperature and odor controlled growing.