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Why Phototron is the best Plant Growing System in the World!

We started 25 years ago with the simple idea to produce the world’s best fully self-contained plant growing system.  It took some time but we did just that.  Major universities and even a government agency have tested Phototrons and they all agree that Phototron is the best.  Don’t take their word for it; over 150,000 satisfied customers also agree.

Grow Your Own with the only fully integrated system that promoted Rapid Growth in Just 21 Days. As compared to other common sources of light used to grow plants, Phototron’s Biax lamps and LEDs are the most efficient and most effective for your plants.   Your plants use light you can’t see.  Plants use a range of colors in the spectrum of light and they use them for different reasons during different times of their lifecycle.  All you will have to do is select your seed and plug the system in.  If you ever wanted absolute control over your plants’ environment, this is your system.  Phototron’s power unleashes the potential in your plants.

Phototron is the scientifically designed and tested solution for totally controlled indoor growing in a hydroponic environment.  Now you can “Grow Your Own” virtually hassle free, whether you are growing medicinal herbs, house plants or vegetables, Phototron puts explosive rapid growth of just about any plant right in your home.  With Phototron, harvesting comes rapidly, yields are large and the units pay for themselves Harvest after Harvest all with no pesticides or herbicides.  So you know that what you are growing is all natural and completely organic.

Phototrons design for full sized plants, with rapid growth and mega yields all in a self-contained unit, makes growing your own easy! Order today.Start growing your own!